About JuanjoPrado

Hi all! My name is Juan Jose Prado Ontiveros. I am passionate and concerned about marketing, finance, management and leadership topics. Really willing to apply to an MBA in 2011 or 2012. I think I’m having a great career in which I’m learning and growing every day.

If you wish to know a little more about my work and educational experience, please see my LinkedIn profile.

The main reason I’m creating this blog is to record my track through the way of getting a MBA. As a non-native English speaker student I know I have to prepare better for the application process. This will included preparing for the TOEFL. So don’t surprise yourself when you see a post talking about TOEFL prep.

I will try to write about everything I’ll be seeing through this process, so that this blog and my tweets could also help others with the same desire of getting a MBA.

Postscript: I also tweet a lot about tech topics, so I hope you people don’t get bored following my TL.


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