Why now??

I remember back, when I was finishing the internship for my university degree, I was crazy about doing an MBA right away, but I started to talk to my father (my great advisor) he recommended me to talk with two persons he knew were MBA graduates.

So I went with these two businessmen, both leading experts in finance, one a Treasury Manager and the other a Financial Planning Manager back then. From both I did learn a lot, just a little chat with them was enough to gain knowledge, trying to learn from their experiences.

Regarding to the MBA they both told me the same: “Boy, worry about working first and then with enough experience you should do an MBA, that way you’ll get more out of it”

It’s been about 4 years since I had that conversation with them and now I feel prepared regarding to experience, I think I have enough experience to take advantage of an MBA program. I think I have gained experience in finance, marketing and sales that will help me to better understand the topics covered in an MBA Program. Experiences that will allow me to contribute ideas and opinions as a leader or as a team player.

For me, my weaknesses right now are my English level and my GMAT preparation and that’s why I’m thinking of taking the next few months to strengthen those weaknesses and eventually apply to an MBA.

I have confidence in me and after all this I know I’ll be an MBA candidate!!


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