Why do I want an MBA??

Some of you my ask me: Why an MBA?

My answer:
I am one of those persons who think that when we have to do something, we better do it well and give the best of ourselves or simply just do nothing. Because when we do things without dedication and passion these things do not last and eventually bring bad consequences.

So to be a top leader in the business world and in life, I’ll have to do things with passion and commitment, but not only that is going to be enough to overcome all obstacles in my path. For that I must be prepared as best as possible and that is why I choose to apply to a top MBA program in a near future.

I believe that by doing an MBA I can develop my career to its full potential. I’m sure that by doing an MBA I’ll gain skills and networks. Skills of finance, marketing, management, leadership, communication and teamwork; which will help me be a great leader and professional; and networks that we all need to build business relationships and to get access to international business cultures.

What I’m trying to say is that I want to be prepared to face any challenge that comes in my future. I actually think that the more knowledge we have, the better prepared we are to face any situation in life and obviously in the business world. I want to leave a mark and be a role model for many others who are in pursuit of a similar dream. I want to get to the top of my career and become one of the best businessman, with dedication and perseverance but without hurting anyone and helping others, but always being faithful to my personal values.

And that’s why I want to do an MBA!


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