A little about me…

I’m a young Venezuelan professional with a strong desire of being a MBA Graduate in a top B-School. So that I can take a jump in my career and someday become a president or CEO of marketing and/or sales of one top world company like Apple Inc, Google or JP Morgan just to name a few or if I decide to stay in my current industry I could go with Vale or BHP Billiton.

Recalling my early days as a college student, I can tell you that all started thanks to my mother. I remember before finishing high school how I wanted to be a doctor. But about 6 months before my graduation I had an injury on my knee, which prevented me to keep swimming at high-level competition. So I had to have a knee surgery and thanks god, everything turned out excellent, until the day that the doctor took off my stitches. The wound was about 5cm approx., but it hadn’t closed completely, so the wound opened slightly when the stitches went out. Seeing the open wound, feeling nausea and dizziness were the same thing… I don’t know which came first. So the idea of being a doctor died. Then I just felt drift. And that’s when my mother comes in; just like every mother she worried about my situation. Let me tell you without fooling anyone she was the one who enrolled me into college to study business administration.

A profession for which I fell in love and that has helped me in everything I’ve accomplished professionally and personally. Through my career I have got knowledge that helped me overcome various moments in my life that allowed me to grow every day.

But I think that now it’s the time for me to make a big jump in my career and in my life. So that’s why I decided to prepare myself for applying to a MBA and then give all the best of me to graduate and get my desired job in a top company.

So this is just the beginning for what I think is going to be a great journey.


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